Sat ~ Nov. 16, 2019

1:30 – 3:30pm
Pilgrimage YogaNormal Heights – Main Studio
Join Nicole for an afternoon of restoration and bliss. Allow yourself to embrace the many joys that reside in your practice when you let yourself surrender to the love that resides inside of you and let the bliss envelop your body, mind and soul. During this 2 hour workshop you can look forward to deeply supported asanas, pranayama to encourage the balancing of your bodies energies and a meditative experience to feed the joy of your experience as a human being. Please bring a journal, water bottle, yoga mat and anything to assist you in facilitating deep comfort for yourself.


​​​​​​Nicole Pisciotto Yoga Teaching Schedule 

Tuesday  Yoga I     10 - 11am
 Pilgrimage Yoga Normal Heights

Tuesday  Yoga I    6:30 - 7:30 pm
Pilgrimage Yoga North Park

Wednesday  Gentle    12 - 1 pm
Pilgrimage Yoga Normal Heights

Thursday   Gentle    10 - 11:15 am
 Pilgrimage Yoga Normal Heights

Private and Corporate On Site classes also available.​​